Thursday, January 31, 2013

And It Only Took Four Years.

Once upon a time, back in January of 2008, I posted about how I'd been shanghaied into being an Extra in a show I was working on - Skins. I also mentioned that one of the Producers was shooting behind-the-scenes footage and interviews and that I'd post the video once he put it online.

Well he just got around to posting it and I'm being really, really timely in bringing it to your attention.

You'll be pleased to know that my part in it is highly embarrassing. Enjoy my mortification. I show up about 30 seconds in. (Also, it's worth noting that it was about 7 degrees on the day we shot this scene.)


Stacey said...

You were awesome!

TimBo said...

You are much taller and more heavily mustached than your avatar would lead us to believe. I look forward to following your burgeoning acting career in years to come. Remember to mention me as an early supporter when you get your first Oscar.

Nathan said...


I'm almost 5'7" really thick socks.

Nathan said...

My avatar is about 1" tall and totally devoid of feet.

Anne C. said...

Were you putting on an accent in the first interviews and then in your normal voice when you said you are actually the location manager?

Nathan said...


You'll never know until you bother to show up to one of the meat-ups I go to. It might be the other way around.

Or they could have both been put on accents!


TimBo said...

I guess I figured that Location Manager was a job that could be done by a 1 inch high quadra-amputee who would still find time to do some acting on the side. It's not like your a Gaffer or something. ;-)