Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I've Always Loved This Ad.

I'm pretty sure this exact same ad for Dr. Johathan Zizmor has been running on the subways since I moved to NY in 1986.  There are just so many things to love about it.

First, there's the doctor himself; Dr. Jonathan Zizmor. Say it to yourself three times quick.  Or maybe just think -- Zizzzzzzzzmor.

Look at him in his mid-80's glory!

 Doesn't he just inspire absolute trust?  Doesn't he look like he pulled his head out of an autoclave just moments before his picture was snapped?  Zizzzzzzzzzmor!

But the real glory of the ad is his "before-and-after" model.

Nobody would ever notice her hair hanging lank and greasy in the "before" and blown out to within an inch of its life in the "after".  Nobody would ever notice that the "before" picture has all the charm of a mug shot and the "after" features a huge smile.  Nobody would ever notice that the "before" is without makeup and the "after" is decidedly with.  And more than anything else, nobody would ever notice that the "after" is lit in such a washed out fashion that she could have a 6" tumor growing next to her nose and you'd never see it.

I especially like that even with all of those amateurish tricks, I'm not really sure she looks any better in the "after" picture.

Zizzzzzzzzmor! Say it with me.  It's fun!


Random Michelle K said...

Michael and I used to have to pass a business every time we left the apartment we were renting then.

I absolutely could not help myself, and would almost always yell, "BAMCO!" as we passed.

BAMCO! Is like the best name ever, but the zzzzzzizzzzle guy does have a nice buzz to his name.

John the Scientist said...

I used to pass this building on my way to the train station in Tokyo with a plaque that read,and I shit you not, "BOZO Research Institute" . They had their work cut out for them, but no shortage of subjects, I think.

Eric said...

That fascinates me, John, because I never would have thought Creation Science was a big enough thing in Japan to have their own Institute.

John the Scientist said...

I think they were researching the bozos, not bozos researching, if you know what I mean.

Warner said...

I think the good doctor was around before you got to NY, but I think it is the same photo of him.

My favorite company sign was one seen in lower Manhattan in 1977, I may find the photo btw, it read simply 'Abrasive Sales'.

Nathan said...

There also used to be a billboard off the BQE (in Greenpoint somewhere) for Rebuildable Cars. I always wondered just how much "rebuilding" they needed