Thursday, August 30, 2012

It Is With Profound Sorrow That I Must Announce... Teak Hat is on it's last legs.

Or seat.  Or to be precise, the cross piece that holds up the seat to the legs so that it's a bench instead of just a wooden mat on the floor.

In spite of weatherproofing it again this spring, there seems to have been a gap at one of the joints. Water found it's way into the joint and rotted the wood away in that critical location. I'd consider amputation, but then we'd be back to talking about a wooden mat on the floor.

Anyway, I'll be deciding how to deal with it in the days to come.  I fully expect a tale worthy of The Binky to ensue.

I fully expect (and demand) that there will be gnashing of teeth, rending of garments accompanied by wailing and weeping worthy of Banshees.  Please don't let me down.


John Healy said...

Lamentation, there is.

Random Michelle K said...

This is TRAGIC! This is HORRIBLE!


Whatever shall you wear when you go forth to saunter around town?

I imagine that the valiant teak hat has given it's life in protecting you from weather, fair and foul, providing both shade and protection from rain and snow.

I hope you are planning a fitting end to such a dedicated and giving hat.

Nathan said...

I haven't really decided how to most effectively memorialize the teak hat, but Anon GF has managed to convince me that a bonfire in the backyard isn't a great idea.

Random Michelle K said...

Please tell Anon GF that she has NO sense of adventure.

Tom said...

But, but... It's teak! Teak loves water. It's a natural law. Teak is nautical, and cannot be rotted by mere water! You must have gotten some defective teak! You must write the manufacturer for a refund.

"Big guy. Your teak. Can we talk...? Teak talk, yeah."