Sunday, May 18, 2008

Only $254.00 For Lunch! Such A Bargain!

So, they have these little Flea Markets all over the city, and a few weeks ago they started having one in our neighborhood. Every Sunday, a bunch of vendors set up behind a school a few blocks away. So GF and I decided we'd go down there today and look at all the crap and get some lunch there while we we're at it. First, let's look at where we didn't eat lunch.

Not here.

Not here either.

Nor here. Stop getting distracted; you've got to get to the Flea Market.

Ooh, look...lesbians.

Finally, we got to the Flea Market. Where to start? Food!

Mmmm! These look good. But not what I'm looking for.

Same here!

Yum! Those look great!

GF had one of these.

Mmmm-meat! That's what I'm talkin' about!

I had the skirt steak with cilantro salsa. Yay!

And it's fun to watch the little kiddies while eating lunch.

O.K. Let's look around and see what folks are selling. And remember; we're only looking. We came here for lunch, not to bring more stuff home.

Hey, I think I had these toys when I was little.

I totally had this one.

Cool looking Ice Box.

Anybody need a dress?

Wow! A high chair and a Saltines Box. Sorry, wrong brand.

How did anybody ever keep all their fingers before they started making the grill less open on these things?

I really got a kick out of the apparently Vintage Obama-rabillia!

And she slays me.

Hey! What's that? Wouldn't that fit great into that space we've been saving for a garden bench?
Me: How much are you asking?

Vendor Dude: $275.

Me: How about $225? Cash.

Vendor Dude: $250.

Me: How about $240 so I can feel like I won?

Vendor Dude: You win boss.

Look at me carrying it home.

And it provides a convenient resting place anywhere you happen to want a break!

How was your Sunday?


Janiece said...

It was fine until we decided to take Boogie the Giant Schnauzer to the dog park.

Boogie does not travel well in the car.

He whines, cries and yelps the entire time he's in the car.

It's annoying.

Now that we're home, I've started to drink, and I feel better.

Go, me.

John the Scientist said...

Watching the kiddies while you eat is only fun if they're not yours.

Nathan said...


That really goes without saying, doesn't it?

and Janiece,

Why on earth would you suffer through putting the dog in the car for the trip, then letting him enjoy the park only to spoil it by having to put him back in the car again? Maybe you should let him chase the car home next time.

Random Michelle K said...

Got up. Got dressed. Ate breakfast. Curled up on the sofa to read. Took Grandmom to the pharmacy and got lunch on the way (bleh). Quick trip to the other grocery store that has Ghiradelli chocolate. Back home. Back on the sofa reading.

Except for having to leave the house, it's been a perfect day.

Random Michelle K said...

Drinking what Janiece? Anything good?

Tania said...

Groceries, laundry, cleaning. A very domestic day.

Nice bench.

John and I grilled up some bratwurst and I drank a beer. It was good.

vince said...

It was pretty much a work day that started at 4:30 in the morning, then over to friends for evening coctails and munchies, which was a nice way to end the day.

kimby said...

I met a new cousin, one that my Father has not seen in over 50 years.
I love the internet! AND Sunday morning I got an email from yet another family member that we did not know existed. SO my Sunday? WONDERFUL!

I love the bench Nathan, it would look great in the backyard...if you ever want to get rid of it.

Nathan said...

Yeah Kimby, I like it a lot.

Vendor Dude kept saying it's made of teak. I'm pretty sure teak is a bit darker and the guy might have been mistaken, but I like it anyway.

Jim Wright said...

It's not teak.

Teak is darker with a fine tight grain. It's also dense, i.e. heavy. You wouldn't have been carrying it on your head if it was teak, trust me. Looks like spruce or alder maybe, can't tell without closer pictures.

I spent the day in the woodshop, turning bowls from birch burl.

John the Scientist said...

Jim beat me to it. You would have bee crawling if that were teak. I have a bar made out of teak in my basement.

Nathan said...

When I said the guy "might have been mistaken", I was being generous. I'm sure he had no idea what it was made of or where it came from.

Random Michelle K said...

As easily as you seemed to be carrying that, I'd guess pine. :)

Unless of course you're really super dooper strong, in which case I'd guess oak. ;)

Nathan said...

Michelle, it's made of a super dense polymer which is scientifically engineered to increase the effects of gravity threefold. It's merely clad in a wood veneer.

Me Strong Like Bull!

Jim Wright said...

Yeah, bull being the operative word here.

Unknown said...

I had the bee the bee! when I was a kid. I haven't seen another one until now.

Anne C. said...

Is this the infamous "teak hat" post? I love the photo of you lounging on it, curbside. Actually, most of the photos are excellent (I'm a sucker for storytelling with photos), but that one is great.
(Obviously I'm *finally* getting caught up on your blog today!)

Nathan said...

Yes Anne, I don't remember exactly where or when it became a 'hat', but it was all Jim's fault.