Friday, May 9, 2008

Your Assistance Will Be Gladly Accepted

OK, so I got someone to shoot some pictures of a location that was going to be really inconvenient for me to visit. They dropped the pics on a disc and mailed it to me. The pics are quite lovely and every one of them is over 4 mb. Can someone please tell me how to get them dumbed down to a couple 100 kb each? These need to go onto my locations site and they're too unwieldy at their current size.

I have Photoshop, Seashore and I-Photo. I'll be happy to follow instructions in any of those programs.

I need to stop being dumb about manipulating photos since it's like a big part of my job.

Update: Next time ask GF before posting my stupidity on the intertoobs. She showed me in about 3 seconds how to resize them while exporting from I-Photo.


vince said...

It's good to have a smart GF. It's even better to remember it.

Jim Wright said...

It's even better to remember it.

No worries, she'll remind him periodically.