Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ain't Technology Grand?

So, I told you I'd be wandering around scouting today. About 15 minutes ago, I decided I needed a restroom, and wonder of wonders, I was around the corner from Gantry State Park in Long Island City, Queens...home of the rare public restroom.

Feeling much better a few minutes later, I walked out and said, "Oooh, picnic benches and nobody using them." So I set myself up to check my email with my handy 'internet anywhere' doohickey and checked my email. Here's my 'puter talkin' to the interwebs out in the wild.

Then I looked up a couple of phone numbers and made a couple of appointments for this afternoon. Then I figured, "no harm in checking the old blog." Then I was struck by the awesome thought that I could post something. WooHoo!

Here's a picture of the old ferry landing gantries the park is named for with the Manhattan Skyline in the background.

Have a lovely day.


Random Michelle K said...

(stomping into blog wearing steel toed boots and mirrored classes)

Sir, I'm from the Internet Police, and I'm afraid we're going to have to take you in. You are delinquent in getting a proper number of cat pictures on your website.

As this is in violation is Regulation 42A Section 765 Subsection 8 Paragraph 1, we're going to have to either take you in or fine you, until you achieve a proper number of cat images on this site.

Your fine, as pursuant to Regulation 42A Section 765 Subsection 8 Paragraph 1 is to provide chocolate to all regular comentors on your blog. This fine will double every day until the situation is remedied, with fines tripled for any violation of Godwin's Law.

Please remedy this situation, before we are forced to take drastic measures.

Nathan said...


I have a distinct lack of postable cat pics at the moment.

I will endeavor to correct the situation in the near future.

Eric said...

Hi, I comment here all the time. Just to remind you. In case you overlooked me.

In addition to milk chocolate and dark chocolate, white chocolate is acceptable even though it's not technically chocolate. That really cheap fake chocolate stuff that they make a lot of Easter treats out of is right out, however, as is that fake healthfood "chocolate" that I can't think of the name of right now that they always put in trail mix. Also, while I generally prefer without nuts, they're not a dealbreaker. Just saying.

If my share can't be delivered directly to me, I'll see if I can make arrangements for my sister, who lives up there, to drop by whenever you have my share ready for pickup. Thanks!

Random Michelle K said...

White chocolate is NOT acceptable. Milk chocolate is barely acceptable, but it'll do in a pinch.

Nuts are good, but they're better in cookies than in chocolate bars. Dark chocolate should melt slowly in your mouth, it's chocolaty goodness slowly covering your tongue and being the focus of your senses.

Chocolate should be taken very seriously.

Nathan said...


I'll be posting a picture of a cat later tonight that I saw while out scouting the wilds of Brooklyn.


I'm just curious. Are you licensed to practice in New York and is chocolate like a retainer in case I need to be defended sometime in the future? Or am I just paying you to talk to me? Whore!

Eric said...

I'm afraid I'm not licensed to practice in New York. But I'll still accept gifts of chocolate, because that's just the kind of dude I am.