Thursday, May 22, 2008

Post The Second: Re: The Next Writing Jamboree.

Upon arriving at home, I opened up the First Chapter of Charlotte Misner intending to get a little further along with it since it now has a due date. I read what I've written so far and had an unfortunate realization.

Remember when I first started posting There's No Crying In the War Room? (Yes, I've been bad and haven't gotten anything written there for wayyyy too long. Sue me.) At any rate, the most common piece of advice was that my first chapter had too much exposition and waited too long to get to the action. Guess what? I've done it again.

The extenuating circumstance is that I'm trying to introduce the lead character so that you guys can all take the ball and run with it. That having been said, I'm gonna rework it a little to get the action moving. I think I'll still have a fair amount of exposition because I want give a reasonably defined character for you as a starting point.

In other news, Tom's set up a blog for us to post all of this to. You should still announce your intention to participate in the original thread. Then, go here to see the blog. You'll find a place to register and then Tom will promote you to Privileged Blogger, and you can post, edit, and most anything else. (Obviously, we're all going to be on the honor system and not start editing each others' stuff...but I don't even need to say that with such a classy bunch of folks as you.)

As I mentioned in the comments over at the original thread, I'll be posting again with more info on what the guidelines are for the story, but I really want this to be open to individual interpretation. While, in the long run, we'll be writing a dramatic piece, obviously, comedy happens in life. Romance happens in life (or doesn't if nobody writes that part).

Anyway, I'll go back and try to (re)-write a first chapter worthy of you efforts. And, yes, we're still starting on Sunday May 31st. (It's on the Narnian Calendar.)


mattw said...

If we're going by the Narnian calendar, will we each be given Turkish Delight upon the successful completion of our part? Do we get magical weapons from Santa? That would be awesome.

Nathan said...


I looked up Turkish Delight (having never heard of it before) and it sounds absolutely disgusting. You can have my share.

Also, please note your inclusion on "The Best Of..." over in the sidebar.
Good on ya.

mattw said...

I feel so honored. *wipes away tear*

Eric said...

Now that I'm older (and perhaps less mature), I can't help thinking "Turkish Delight" sounds like something you'd pay the stripper an extra fifty bucks for. Alas, in reality it is merely one of those "confections" the English insist is delightful but in reality were really part of the reason for The Declaration Of Independence.

"We hold this truth to be self evident: that this is some really foul shit you keep sending us in the guise of 'treats.' Jesus Fucking Christ--and I mean that in kind of a metaphorical sense because, for the record and the benefit of any religious nuts living two centuries from now, I'm kind of a Deist who thinks Jesus was a good teacher but I really don't buy into all that supernatural crap--anyway, this is some foul shit, Your Majesty. I'm just saying. Hamilton spit his out and that dude will eat ANYTHING if you give him a tenner--hey, you know we totally oughta put "I'll Do Anything For Ten Bucks" Hamilton on our tenners when we start making our own money; nobody outside the Continental Congress will get it, but John Adams will totally shoot milk out his nose when he reads this. Anyway, yeah, about that Turkish Delight you sent us--we're outta here, Your Royal Dudeness. Consider us REBELLED. Later, Your Royal Douchebag.
-Thom. Jefferson, this the 28th day of June, 1776.

Eric said...

(Obviously, the Declaration underwent a few revisions after Jefferson presented this first draft to the Continental Congress....)

Nathan said...

Wow Eric, Feel free to go off on whacked-out tangents any time you like.

That was masterful.