Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Internetty Weirdness?

So, yesterday I got curious. I was looking around my stats on Sitemeter and noticed, (duh), the longitude/latitude feature that's supposed to pinpoint where the visitor came from. The "map" link on Sitemeter doesn't work, but you can plug the numbers into Mapquest.

Guess what? In the past few days, I've had visitors from:

  • the middle of 4 Parks
  • the middle of 3 bodies of water (2 rivers and one Great Lake)
  • the middle of one cemetery.

Yay! I'm a big hit with the dead!


Janiece said...

Dead folks, huh?

Maybe I should do some outreach...

Random Michelle K said...

Bring out your dead!


Bring out your dead!


Eric said...

But after a while there was a further clicking on the computer keyboard, and I strained my eyes to read the comment on my blog. Again I posted, "Eric, are you there?" and in answer read the thing which has brought this cloud over my mind. I do not try, gentlemen, to account for that thing--that eerie response--nor can I venture to describe it in detail, since the first words took away my consciousness and created a mental blank which reaches to the time of my awakening in the hospital. Shall I say that the writing was deep; hollow; gelatinous; remote; unearthly; inhuman; disembodied? What shall I say? It was the end of my experience, and is the end of my story. I saw it, and knew no more--read it as I sat petrified in that unknown cemetery in the hollow, amidst the crumbling stones and the falling tombs, the rank vegetation and the miasmal vapors-- saw the comment come up on my screen from the innermost depths of that damnable open sepulcher as I watched amorphous, necrophagous shadows dance beneath an accursed waning moon.

And this is what it said:

"You fool, Eric is DEAD!"

* * * * * * *

(Don't get it? Here, read this.)

Nathan said...

Actually Eric, I knew it was tugging a mind-string. Couldn't place it but knew I knew something connected.

And for those of you who might think Eric is commenting from beyond the grave...well, maybe he is.

But my hits from a cemetery are near Los Angeles.

MWT said...

Well, at least some of it might've been me. I was in the LA area last Wednesday, Saturday night, Sunday, and early Monday morning (airport).

Tom said...

MWT being the dead time-tripper that we all know and love...