Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ow! My Pancreas!

Even Pauly Shore can't always be wrong! In Encino Man, Shore wisely exploited the comedic value of the word pancreas. What sentence isn't funnier when pancreas is included.

Would you care for some pancreas with your Cordon Bleu?
I'd like a room with a view of pancreas!
I'm renting out my pancreas to a family of Guatemalan immigrants.

See? Pancreatic goodness.

What other words improve any sentence and tickle you?


Random Michelle K said...


Hands down one of my favorite words to use at work. Because there's an unfortunate amount of call for it.

Steve Buchheit said...

Weasel, put any other word with it, and you're off on pure comedy gold.

John the Scientist said...

Porcine. Hands down.

Although equine has its moments: "that beer was pure diabetic equine urine".

Tom said...

When I was 15, my friend's 7-year-old brother discovered the word pregnant. He had no idea of the meaning, but used it everywhere anyway. "Can I have a pregnant sandwich?" "Granpa is pregnant in the bathroom." "Is that bicycle pregnant?"

I'll refrain from commenting on the apparent age-level of such jokes.

Random Michelle K said...

The last Repairman Jack novel I just wrote had Jack use, and then explain, the term panoramic to a groundskeepers, and then regret it for the remainder of the book.

mattw said...

Didgeridoo is a good one. It just sounds funny on it's own.

Slightly off topic, I always tell the people that I work with that all the best stories have a monkey in them. Of course, they never believe me, and monkeys are pretty absent from my own fiction.

Chris said...

I'm just happy you made a reference to "Encino Man." Classic...

Nathan said...

A few things:

Michelle, Trollops are always good. Strange place you work, though. And I'm going to have to check out Repairman Jack to find out how an understanding of 'panoramic' can be a bad thing.

Steve, Technically the weasel reference also takes us back to Pauly Shore in Encino Man.

John, Porcine beats Equine hands down. Bovine, however should stay high in the rankings.


Matt, monkeys belong in animated stories much better than in print...unless we're talking about flying monkeys coming out of your butt...which is always a winner.'re welcome. Pauly Shore's only acceptable performance.

Lastly, Tania's blocked from participation by her network, so she's emailing them to me and expects me to do the work of posting them.

So, Here's Tania's comment:

Callipygian and pygalgia are two of my favorites. I grew up with a medical dictionary on the shelf, and a lot of Scrabble players.

Obviously Scalzi likes to use uxorious and uxorial.

Breasticles. It’s a made-up word for breasts (check out her breasticles). That one always makes us laugh.

I’ll post later. I’m doing something where I have to be part of the work network for right now.


Random Michelle K said...

How can you forget Nathan? I work on a college campus!

Random Michelle K said...

Also? (Because I hit Publish too soon) I'm really enjoying the Repairman Jack novels.

And it wasn't the understanding of panoramic that was the problem, as much as the usage. As in, she's got a pan-o-ramic butt, etc and so forth.

Jeff Hentosz said...

Funniest word in any language: "Turd." Just writing it makes me laugh. Hang on a sec.

Ow, my sides.

Tania's right. Look to medicine for secret treasures of the perverse poetry in English:

"Seratonin Re-Uptake Inhibitor"

"Post-herpetic neuralgia"

Best, most versatile suffixes: "-tacular" and "-tastic." Ex: I am watching a show about how tofu is made. It's absolutely soytacular. Curdtastic, even.

Nathan said...

Jeff wins.

That is all.

Return to your duty stations.