Sunday, May 25, 2008

Negligent Blogging.

I posted a cheap little rant yesterday about my teak hat and I'm not posting anything today except this promise to put up a real post tomorrow. GF & I took a little one day jaunt and we just got home (7:15 Sunday evening). I'll tell you about it tomorrow...not today.

Sue me!



Random Michelle K said...

I fear it wouldn't be worth the effort to sue you.

So instead?

Nice going Hat Boy!

Slacking off and nothing to show for it!

Eric said...

I look forward to your real post about your teak hat. I'm especially curious as to what people thought about the teak hat when you were out on your jaunt: did they think it was sporty? Flamboyant? Actually crafted from a lighter wood than teak? No matter--I shall soon learn all there is to know about your hat of teak!