Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pets Can Be So Demanding.

Update: The yellow cat is now officially named Teufel.

I'm down to choosing between Milo, Teufel and Loki.

And no, he only responds to the sound of food right now. Couldn't care less what I call him.


Random Michelle K said...


Jim Wright said...

I TOLD you so, I did.

Personally I like to think up new and horribly insulting names on a daily basis for both of the fuzzy parasitic beast who inhabit my domicile. However, neither cares about or acknowledges anything I say. And since they are fed by a robot, they don't answer to anything but the sound of the robot feeder. I'd like to vary the feeding times, just to mess with their fuzzy heads, but frankly they're already crazy enough. I'll just leave it alone.

Tania said...

Yay! I was torn between Teufel and Loki.

Oh, the kitties are here, I'm supposed to share the following:

Orphelia and Skulker greet LuLu and Teufel.

::offers freshly killed voles, only slightly bloody::

Tom said...

Is it cause his mouf is full of sharp toofies?

I want to propose that Lulu and Teufel be proclaimed members-in-good-standing of the UCF, because I'm sure they will be the subject of much bloggy goodness!

Will somebody second the motion?

Nathan said...

First of all, Teufel because that's German for Devil...and he is.

Second, no motion is required for UCFiness. I can grandfather in anyone I want to. But let me warn you. They type like shit. Don't believe me? LuLu, c'mere and say hi to everyone.

b v,,,
uhyv de

Chris said...

Keep posting pics of them, there's almost nothing cuter than a kitten (except maybe a bunch of kittens).