Saturday, May 31, 2008

Charlotte Misner Begins!

True to my word (shoulder gets wrenched out of socket while patting myself on the back), I've written the first chapter. I successfully logged in to the site Tom set up for us. I copied and pasted Chapter One into the little windows. I put in the code (I think) to collapse the post after the first two paragraphs. Poof! Nothin' happened.

I've emailed the chapter to Tom and asked him to post it for me. I'm sure he'll do that as soon as he notices the email, cuz he's just that kinda guy.'re up. (I think I'll send you an email.)

Update: Tom has overcome my incompetence and the first chapter is now posted. Hey Tom, is there a Sitemeter or similar on the site so we can track our visitors?

Update again: Tom sent me an email telling me about difficulties with posting and dating posts. His email follows and my be helpful when it comes time for you to post:


I never had such problems before! Believe me. It turns out the the
blog doesn't like the single character ellipsis, the fancy
open-and-close curly quotes, or the slanted single quotes. Once I
replaced all those, it posted just fine. At least now I know.

As for the dating, my blog won't show future posts until the date is
reached. So the 2042 is out. But I can manipulate the timestamp so
each successive chapter is a minute earlier than the previous one, which
should give the effect that you want.

Hope that's helpful (/Update)

Also, IMPORTANT NOTE to everyone. I've asked Tom to date my post December 31, 2042. Everyone else, when it's your turn, should date their posts one day EARLIER than the chapter before yours. That way, they'll all stay in order.

If you want to comment about my incompetence or about dating or any of that stuff, feel free to do it here. If you want to comment about the chapter itself, do so over there where it's posted. Thanks.

Oops! Forgot to tell you that when it's posted you'll be able to find the chapter here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OK - I hate hate hate Tom's blog software. Why didn't we use my forgiving Wordpress software-based dead blog? My chapter won't post, no matter what. I have saved as plain test, I have no smart quotes... no slanted apostrophes... no ellipses.. nothing. I am annoyed. Software that is this unfriendly is not good software.

(Sorry, Tom, just had to rant.)