Monday, May 12, 2008

Yay! It's National Limerick Day.

National Limerick Day for 2009 can be found here.

There once was a kitten named Lulu
with a brother who wanted a name too.
He jumped off the bed
and came down on his head.
then looked up and said, "Do I know you?"

Post your own limericks below. If you haven't seen the new kitties yet, make sure you look at yesterday's post.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the fun ski trip
I thought it was really quite pimped
It was a fun time
I must stop the rhyme
I have to go use a Q-tip

Anonymous said...

There once was a dog who was old
This old dog was not very bold
He saw a big bear
It gave him a scare
And the dogs old heart became cold

Track $t@r said...

lymrics are very very boring
I'd rather be in bed snoring
There boring you'll see
I hate them says me
I hate them because they are boring

romeo said...

This limerick is so dumb!
It makes me feel so glum.
One fine summer day,
I'll throw it away
Among the trash and scum!

cross country rules said...

Track is really fun,
Mr.patterson makes you run,
You run around the track,
untill you brake your back,
by the time your done you face is red from the sun.

Patriots said...

Alot of people really hate school
They would rather swim in a pool
We are in there till
We get to spill
Pool water to make us cool

teacherFUNguy said...

Twas a cold Febr'ary day, twenty-two
To the slopes for the day with my crew
Skipping out of school
Probably sounds real cool,
Except for my toes turned bright blue!

Skater said...

I'm going to miss Mr.P
Because he gives reccess for three
He's the best teacher
Whos good feature
Able's him to get food free

bob said...

cross country rules is about track not cross country and it is not right doesnt fit the rules

Student said...

I hate writing lim'ricks its true;
Theres much better stuff I could do.
They take long to write
And they're stupid all right.
Why'd I write this? I don't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

I love romeo's limerick! its awesome!!

The ONE you what said...

Why this year was one of the worst
When sixth graders came in a burst
They thought they were proud
but Oh they were loud
How eigth grade will be such a first

Anonymous said...

this is stupid

Anonymous said...

i know!! its better than the other ones!!

Baby said...

While sprinting down the track
I tripped on a big crack
went tumbling down
I felt like a clown
I think that i broke my back

Anonymous said...

The Fat Cat

There once was a very fat cat
Who hated this very sly rat
He loved to chase
The rat with mase
He tripped down the stairs and went Splat!

Nathan said...

Holy Crap!

Polybloggimous is apparently a Sixth Grade writing assignment today.

Watch your language UCFers!

Michelle K said...

Does that mean I shouldn't do the Limerick about the man from Nantucket?

ugly said...

I hate limericks so much,
I'd rather be drinking punch,
They make me feel sad,
and then I get mad,
Wow! Do I hate them a bunch.

honey said...

o how i hate this school
the people init rule
they want to get uot
o how they would should
how these people are so cruel

Button Baby said...

Spelling is tons of word fun
You can do it in the sun
It keeps you busy
You can get dizzy
You'll be happy when you're done

Jim Wright said...

"Watch your Language," said polybloggimous.
My mother reads this blog, it's famous.
If I have to warn you again.
I'll banish you for your sin.
Then sit on your head like a fucking hippopotamus

Nathan said...



Right is Right said...

I'm sitting at work, and feel crappy.
I could use a two-hour nappy.
To the Rush show I went,
and really got bent,
Now I just feel kinda slappy.

dog lover said...

limricks are very dumb
they make my brain go numb
this so cheap
i want to sleep
its worse then eating scum

Michelle K said...

I don't think polybloggimous and hippopotomous quite rhyme with famous.

Tania said...

There once was a kitty named Walken
Who was the cutest on the entire block and
He'd do a pounce and flip
When stoned on catnip
Or hunt invisible prey with his stalking

cutie 1013 said...

summer is coming soon
we'll get out before june
the flowers will bloom
there will be no gloom
maybe we'll see a loon

John the Scientist said...

Michelle - that is why friends don't let friends become Warrant Officers. Well, that and the profanity...


Jim Wright said...

Warrant Officers don't have any friends.
But, their rank is a means to an end.
They might not rhyme
At least, not all the time
And their profanity, it just never ends :)

Michelle K said...

Michelle K hails from West Virginia
You know, Country Roads, by Bob Denver
We are skiing and trees
Not a cool ocean breeze
Remember: West BY GOD Virginia

Michelle K said...


"Not a WARM ocean breeze"

Tania said...

Where're Jim & Tania from? I'll ask ya
to figure it out, no SMALL task, eh?
It's gorgeous and wild,
our mosquitoes can carry off a small child
The bestest state in the union - Alaska!

Jim Wright said...

What language ya'll speak up dere
In the funny place ya'll call Alaskar?
No stars and bars
on your 4x4 cars
Ya'll ain't from around here, is yer?

We're the 49th state
we're big and that's great
you could cut Alaska in half
and it would be no gaff
to say then that Texas is the third largest state

I could go on like this all day
rhyming on on, so to say
but I've got work to do
I just came in to use the loo
So now I'll get back to the things that pay.

Nathan said...

Well, I could be wrong, but let's all give a round of applause to Mr. Patterson's class at St. Michael's in Dane, Wisconsin.

vince said...

The bustard's a fast-running fowl,
with a drum-like boom, not a yowl.
It escapes what would be
by luck of a fortunate vowel.

And here's to Mr. Patterson's class!