Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I just posted music and somehow, I've managed to completely shut off the ability of my computer to play sound. Really, I have no idea.

Silence is golden.

I'll figure it out tomorrow.


Jim Wright said...

I've said it before, but it's still funny - buy a PC...

...because then you'll be far more experienced with the whole trouble shooting thing.


Random Michelle K said...

And have lots of friends who can troubleshoot your computer as well. ;)

Nathan said...

All fixed now. There's a little reset button next to the headphone jack on the side of this here machine.

Who knew?

And Jim? Fuck off! :D

Eric said...

I regret to say, Jim's advice was woefully inadequate: buy a PC, then install a Linux distribution. That way, you get to choose whether you're going to troubleshoot ALSA, OSS, some random other sound architecture, all of the above, none of the above, some of the above--because Linux is about choice, man; it's about not being a slave to the system, duuude.

And there will be even more people (because, let's face it, Windows's larger user base mostly consists of idiots and Linux's smaller base mostly consists of nerds) who can help you troubleshoot, but almost all of them will think you're stupid and will even helpfully tell you how stupid you are in help forums, which is always useful to know. (The ones who won't tell you how stupid you are and try to help will inevitably post a list of commands to enter from a terminal prompt, some of which you will mistype the first six times you try to follow the instructions because--this is another cool thing about Linux--all the commands look like words but they're not words, so you'll be adding all these unnecessary vowels that you thought you saw... but you didn't.)

(Just don't type "ironicalyness" at a terminal prompt--it re-partitions your hard drive, formats it to IBM's HPFS, and sets the user preferences to Koine Greek. No, nobody knows why it does that.)

-Eric, who still loves Linux anyway

Nathan said...


Thank you so much for the kind and (probably) useful advice, but I'm gonna stick with my Mac...because I like a machine where the solution to my problem was to jam a toothpick into the little hole where the headphones go.

Random Michelle K said...


Nathan said...

What'd I do?

Random Michelle K said...

Stabbing the poor machine with a toothpick! Jeesh! The cruelty!