Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reason #472.6 I Love My Mac.

So those of you who follow my technology challenged hardware/software wars, know that I recently had my Motorola wireless router shit the bed. After getting a Netgear router that didn't work, I followed everybody's advice and (duh), got an Airport Express.

So, my printer has been wonky for a while now...maybe two or three months. I figured I should delete it from my computer and reload the software from HP's site. (It's an HP 7310 all-in-one).
Well, I downloaded the stuff and started installing and got a message window telling me I'd downloaded for an older version of OS X. I had to leave, so GF said she'd look for the right download. When I got home, she was on the phone with HP because she'd found the right download, but something wasn't working right.

She spoke to 4 folks at HP. The first person said they didn't support that printer any more. "Why", GF asked, "do you have downloads dated only a couple of months ago if you don't support the product anymore"? The HP lady suggested we buy a new printer. After a bit more cajoling she said she'd connect GF to a Mac tech.

Wait, wait, wait...Dial Tone!

After playing around with a couple of other things, I said, let's call Apple and see if they can figure it out. Short story, after turning things on and off in different random orders, disconnecting and reconnecting multiple cables in different random orders, 8 cigarettes, two kittens using me as a carom obstacle and one bag of marinating meat waved around my head 7 times...bingo!!! Printer is detected and actually works again.

Neither the guy at Apple or I know what finally made any difference...but he hung in there with me and actually helped.

I know this printer will need to be replaced someday and I think my main criterion for choosing a brand will be finding out what kind of customer support they offer.

Apple rawks!


Jim Wright said...

Apple rawks

Comparing Apple to HP is like comparing apples and, uh, well, nevermind. It should be against the law to call what HP has "Customer Service." It should be more like the "Fuck You" department.

MWT said...

Are you on their paid support services? That probably makes a difference.

Nathan said...

Yeah, I'll admit I paid for AppleCare. I'm sure you're right and it does made a difference.

I also paid $100 for ProCare. It allows you to jump the line at the Genius Bar (at Apple Stores) and to go in as often as once a week for lessons on how to use Apple products. The thing is, I've shown up a few times claiming to want help with how to use a bit of Apple software and then said, "I know this isn't one of your products, but do you know how it works?" Then some Apple guy spends an hour teaching me how to use an Adobe program.