Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Gods Are Stomping.

Not really. It's just that the girl who lives upstairs is a heavy walker. She has no carpets. We've broken her of her habit of vacuuming after 10:00p.m. (I kinda told her to stop it.) She's one of those people who never takes her shoes off until she goes to bed. She seems to always need whatever is at the extreme opposite end of her apartment.

She walks loud! On my ceiling! Stop it.

I promise to post a real post later in spite of the fact that it's Sunday and no one is going to read it, but I felt like taking a moment to tell Upstairs Girl to sit the hell down and stop walking on my ceiling.

Note: She's an editor at a well-known political magazine. Is it unfair of me to take her walking habits into account when reading articles she's edited?


Janiece said...

Is it unfair of me to take her walking habits into account when reading articles she's edited?

Only if she's a Democrat.

Nathan said...

The magazine does have a decidedly liberal slant.

John the Scientist said...

A politico. Figures. Rules are for other people according to the intelligentsia, left or right.

Whether you are talking about Larry "God fearin' 'Murica" Craig or Teddy "drunk driving is only wrong forother people" Kennedy, or Elliot "human trafficking is only bad when I don't get to dip my wick into the pool" Spitzer, people who gravitate towards the politics of forcing other people to behave in the "right" way are the kind of people who would not do the right thing if someone wasn't standing over them with a stun gun.

Don't hate her becuase her politics slant right or left. Hate her because she's the kind of git can't coexist with other people absent an authority figure, and yet she's made politics (which should be the science of getting along) the focus of her life instead of going out and making something that other people find useful or entertaining or fun.

Random Michelle K said...

This is why I am not meant to live in an apartment.

I sound like a herd of elephants walking across the floor.

Also, I've had people complain that I need to use my inside voice, except that I was already using my inside voice.

Nathan said...


To be fair, she doesn't edit any of the political parts of the magazine.

But yeah, you have a point about the "do as I say, not as I do" folks and the ones so far out on the right or left that they're constantly in danger of falling off the edge.


You can rent our cellar. It has concrete floors.

Random Michelle K said...

Thanks Nathan, but I think I'll stay here on my own house, all things considered.

Nathan said...


Between the postcard and how much of my archive you're are absolutely my favorite person today. Maybe even tomorrow.

Also, the kittens (who weigh nothing) and Widget (who weighs about 900 pounds) have been charging around the house every morning right around sunrise. I'm thinking of asking the tenants on the top floor if they'll let the cats sleep over one night. Then stomper girl is in for it.