Saturday, May 24, 2008

Notice To Cease And Desist.

Since last Sunday's visit to a Flea Market and subsequent posted description and photos of said visit, numerous malicious references have been made to Nathan's "teak hat". Said item is neither teak, nor a hat and readers are hereby notified of the existence of a Cease & Desist Order prohibiting further mention of said "teak hat".

Violations of this Order will be dealt with harshly and swiftly, penalties to include (but not be limited to), forfeiture of UCF membership, 45¢ fine for each violation, imprisonment for up to 17 hours, or any combination thereof.

This Cease & Desist Order is in effect immediately and will be enforced rigorously. Thank you for your cooperation.


Tom said...

I think that "teak hat" is causing your head to swell. If you think I'm going to follow some silly C&D order, you've got another think coming!

Come and get me, Hat Boy!

Janiece said...


Nathan wears a Teak Hat, Nathan wears a Teak Hat!


kimby said...

Oh Teak hat!
that sits upon
Nathan's Head.
like some sort of
maybe it is
tin foil
in disguise.

(you didn't say we couldn't write poetry..right?)

Eric said...

Now I'm going to have to sign up to do the group writing thing just so I can introduce:

*a Chinese character named Ti Ke who constantly leaves his headwear behind, so that people are always asking if anyone's seen Ti Ke's hat;

*A character with a brown tabby called "Tea Cat";

*A solemn Native American called Te'quohot, which will allegedly mean something in his own language;

*A scene in which the characters go to a museum of natural history to see an exhibit of artifacts from the Tomb Of Tehekaat, discovered in 1937.

Anyone else have some ideas?

Random Michelle K said...

(waving from the distance)

Yo Hat Boy!

Feel free to come all the way down here to WV to tell me to cease & desist.

In the meantime...

Hat Boy! Hat Boy!
Hat Hat Hat Hat Hat Boy!
Hat Boy! Hat Boy!
Teak Hat Ahoy!

Anonymous said...

Nathan, I haven't seen you get out your gas grill of retribution in ages!

Steve Buchheit said...

I didn't know about this "teak hat", but Hat Boy could be a really cool punk rock band.

Jim Wright said...

Well, as I've noted elsewhere, I don't think it's actually teak.

But you know? What the hell. I'll mail you a check for $1.80

Teak Hat, Teak Hat, Teak Hat, Teak Hat.

Nathan said...

Hey Jim,

Don't forget there might be time in the slammer.