Sunday, March 11, 2012

I've Spent An Awful Lot Of Time Trying To Save All Of This Daylight.

This adjusting for Daylight Saving Time is exhausting!

The two smartphones in the house know how to adjust themselves without any help from us.  The two laptops...ditto.  The nooks™ reset themselves.

The clock on the coffee maker is easy. The clock on the wall in the kitchen is even easier.  The one on the oven is a bitch.  I think I set the timer on that a half dozen times before I got to the clock's controls.  I still have no idea how.

I forgot about the microwave oven.  I'll get to that one later.

My bedside clock is a bitch.  It has a Daylight Saving Time setting and, for the life of me, I can't figure out if it does anything. Every time we have to change the clocks, I end up changing the clock's time zone because nothing else seems to work. It's been 12 minutes fast for the last 3 years and I'll be damned if I'm going to try to figure out how to fix that part.  It's close enough.

I have a watch that I'll forget to reset until the next time I wear it...and panic about what time I think it is until I remember.

The best clock in the house is the one on Anon GF's bedside table.  That one stays on DST all year long.  Which means that I think I'm an hour late for everything 1/2 of the year and then I don't have to do anything to it in the spring.



Warner said...

Clock on wife's desk has a dead battery. Check

Heating thermostats are not on DST and don't get changed. Check

A/C thermostats are on DST and don't get changed. Check

Bedroom alarm gets set wrong way. Check

Cars - I'll get to them. Check

Computers and other electronic things, seem to do it by themselves. Check

Cat gets up with sun. Check.

Tom said...

Warner, I thought I was good until you mentioned thermostats. I didn't even think about the programable thermostat! No wonder I was cold this morning. Now if only I can remember to change it when I get home tonight...

Nathan said...

Thermostat. D'oh!

A.J. said...

The only clock I have violent issues with is the one in my car. I can never remember which buttons I'm supposed to push in what order to change the damn time (and looking it up in the manual is obviously too much work). I usually end up accidentally switching the radio station a few times before I finally figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Or you can just move to Arizona where they don't practice DST (problem solved!).

David said...

If it's a choice between DST and moving to Arizona, I'll stick with DST.

Arizona's government has become the nation's most fetid lunatic asylum, and that's quite an achievement these days.

I can ignore DST, and in a few months it will go back to normal. I can't say that about Arizona.

Nathan said...

I'd just as soon stick with DST year round. I can deal with dark mornings. Dark at 4:00pm bums me right out.