Monday, March 5, 2012

Today's Thing Nobody Will Care About; Maybe Not Even Me. Or, I've Gotta Get Me Some Better Obsessions.

You may recall some time ago, I alerted you to the momentous news that the school across the street from me was finally taking down some scaffolding that had been there for 2 years or so.  Here's the picture that went along with that post.

It was terribly exciting.

Guess what?  The scaffolding is going back up!

I don't know why.  I don't know how long it'll be there.  But right here on my blog, there will be a record of it happening.  They actually started putting it up last week, so I'm gonna say it started on March 1st. After it's been up for double-digit months, I don't think erring by a day or two will make all that much difference.

You're all invited to tell me the most mundane thing that occurred recently in your life that you gave way more attention than it any attention at all.

P.S.  Anon GF came home today and gleefully informed me that she left $1.95 on my MetroCard. (A ride on anything costs $2.25.)

Update:  Random Michelle has made a comment that warrants an update.  She says:
I have a banana on my desk that I most likely will not eat. 

See, this is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about.  I mean who really cares about a banana on their desk that they most likely will not eat.  Or even a banana on the desk of a workmate; one that most likely will not be eaten.  But you know you'd care.  The banana would just sit there mocking you.  First, there's the olfactory input, ranging back and forth between deliciously aromatic and nauseatingly cloying.  And then there's that self-flagellation for not consuming it. At first, it's just a few dark spots that make you hesitate to grab it and eat it.  Then it's growing darker and darker -- moving from lightly speckled to completely black and a beginning to dessication. You're past thinking you might peel it and eat it, but you've moved on to chastising yourself that it has reached a perfect level of softness and sugar content and maybe you should use it in some banana bread.  But you won't do that; you'll just let the banana keep haunting you until you have to pick up that mushy, gushy thing and dispose of it in a trash can in some other area of the building.  A trash can that no one will associate with you.

Oh yes, this mundane unconsumed desk banana will be obsessed upon!  You have my empathy, Michelle!


TimBo said...

I slipped on the ice on the way to work today and got an ouchee.

Nathan said...

That's not mundane. I'm pretty sure that's the featured story on Nightline tonight.

Warner said...

I was part of the crew that put together the in house technical package for this program that would run a couple of days till Iran released the Embassy...

Didn't really have a crew, they just held a lot of the World News people several hours on overtime.

Random Michelle K said...

I have a banana on my desk that I most likely will not eat.

Nathan said...

Please see the update to the original post for my response to Michelle. It's important. In a totally inconsequential, why-do-we-have-to-think-about-this-stuff kind of way.