Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Proof Positive: The Aliens Have Landed.

Disclaimer:  The following is more of a brain fart than a seriously considered bit of reasoned discussion.  Which doesn't make it any less the way I feel about it.
A couple of years ago I posted something about how political discourse had become a bit like watching aliens trying to communicate with each other.  It's not like we're speaking different languages; it's more like we're lucky when we recognize what each other are using is language.

You think I exaggerate?  Really?  Tell me how the fuck this guy gets elected to hold office anywhere with schools and indoor plumbing.  There are people in Georgia who voted for this guy.  And what's worse is that this little speech will probably get him more votes in the next election.  But hey...I don't live in Georgia and he's somebody else's problem.

Then there's the current appeal to the "common" man; Vote for me because I'll never make you feel stupid! How that's a selling point is beyond me, but apparently, it's working.

There is, however, some good news (of a sort).  For the last few years I've been at a loss to understand the sheer toxicity of right-wing hatred toward Obama.  I mean, a lot of those people really fucking hate Obama.  I'm not talking about how a lot of people hated Bush or Clinton or Bush.  Nixon hatred wasn't even in this league.

The Right has absolutely lost its shit since the day Obama was elected and there's no hope of them getting it back.  Hell, they haven't even been looking for it!  They're absolutely giddy with the level of abhorrence they have for Barack Obama.

Since I'm a hopeless optimist, I can't just chalk it up to racism. Sure, there are a bunch of people who refuse to make peace with the fact that there's a black man in the White House.  But I don't think they're a large enough percentage to account for how much the GOP hates Obama.

No, the answer is now clear to me.  THE GOP HAS GONE TOTALLY FUCKING INSANE.

You doubt me?  Well, it was fun watching Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann try to outcrazy the field, but I don't think anyone ever gave them strong odds of getting the nomination. And we were all right -- but did any of you ever think Rick Fucking Santorum would be a serious contender?  Really?  Santorum?  Holy Shit!  He's in a two-man race with Romney* and the GOP are out of their fucking minds.

And since, against all reasonable predictions, Santorum is making a real challenge, is it beyond imagination that he could somehow become the GOP nominee?  And if they're insane enough to nominate him, is America insane enough to elect him?

I don't think there's a chance in hell of that happening, but I thought he'd be sitting home in Pennsylvania by now, not in a two-man race for the GOP nomination.  So, what do I know?

Which brings us back to the good (of a sorts) news.  I can finally empathize with those people who despise Obama so much.  Because if Rick Fucking Santorum ever gets elected to the Presidency, I'll be making today's Obama vitriol sound like 2nd-grade playground repartee.

The Mitt-ster isn't any great bargain himself. The fact that conservatives think he changes his principles to suit his latest audience cuts both ways. I doubt the guy has any bedrock convictions, but we've had Presidents like that before, so he'd just suck as opposed to presaging the end of the world.


Tom said...

An alien has landed. Can we get him to phone home, so they'll come get him?

And what do you make of the fact that both of the leading Republican candidates have the same middle name? Is that evidence of a conspiracy? Mitt Fucking Romney and Rick Fucking Santorum? (got cha) :)

Nathan said...

I wish I could say I was surprised, but it's a very common middle name among ultra Right Wingers.

I'm pretty sure it's an homage to Father Fucking Coughlin.

TimBo said...

30 years ago Isaac Asimov commented on your Vote for me because I'll never make you feel stupid link!

Wasting my time on the day before my vacation going through Reddit top scoring links and that is what I found.

TimBo said...

And then there's this comment on your post. I think it explains it all.

Nathan said...

See? That's the problem. If you're sane, you assume the Republicans are all working as double-agents trying to make sure Obama gets another term.

Then you realize there are people who are actually going to the effort to get up in the morning, get dressed, drive to their polling place and pull the lever for Rick Fucking Santorum.


John the Scientist said...

I voted for Santorum in the primary.

Hear me out.

We eat our failures in this political system. No longer can Ronald Regan run again and again until he gets the nomination. But Santorum's like Ron Paul. He'll stick around running in the primaries again and again with no hope of winning unless he flames out in a General Election.


The only way to get this turd off of the national stage is to get him the nomination this year and let Obama trounce him.

Yes, I am a double agent. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Nathan said...

I promise to give it a bit of thought, but the odds are that I'll have to punch you in the face next time I see you.


Jim Wright said...

I'm actually with John. Santorum is Obama's ace in the hole for a 2nd term. Not that I don't think Obama can't trounce any of these clowns, but Santorum as the GOP candidate would be the kind of car crash you just can't help slowing down to stare at in utter amazement.

I think the GOP is heading towards self immolation. I think it's going to fracture into pieces. I think the sooner that happens the better we all are. I'd think Santorum's nomination might bring that about within the year.

John the Scientist said...

Look Nathan, Santorum is like the Orthodox Party in Israel's coalitions. They join governments only so they can get the busses not to run on Saturdays.

Santorum will show up again and again in the primries, driving people like Romney farther to the right just by his presence - and just as the Orthodox force their few issues on Israel, he'll force his views on birth control and abortion on the rest of the party. (Just s Ron Paul drives the discussion to the crazy year after year).

US parties are coalitions, we just form the coalitions before the election, rather than after (as in parliamentary systems). A spectacular flame-out for Santorum in a genral election will purge the religious right from the Repulican coaltion for at least a few election cycles, and this can only be a good thing.

Nathan said...

John & Jim,

I'll buy your logic (and goals), but I don't think, for a minute, that the reason Santorum is still in the race is attributable to "outside agitation". (for lack of a more appropriate description).

I'm pretty sure that the Republican Party is currently populated by insane people who would honestly like to see Santorum in the Oval Office.

It's beyond comprehension.

John the Scientist said...

Oh, I'm not contending that his results are due to outside agitation, but I take issue with "the Republican party is populated with". The moderates don't vote as much in the primaries, and Santorum is only taking certain (predictable) states. If Santorum embarrasses the party badly, then more moderates will vote in the next few primaries, and perhaps even the religious right will split from the party. As a moderate centrist, it's to my advantage this split and flame-out occurs ASAP. Ricky had no chance of taking my state, but the lower Romney's margins in the states he does win, the greater the chance Santorum has. Hence my decision.