Sunday, July 15, 2012

Paul's Starting To Make A Habit Of This Anti-Social Behavior!

Last night, Bruce Springsteen was playing an outdoor concert in London and had Paul McCartney join him for a finale.  Well, apparently, Londoners need their rest, so the sound system was shut down at 10:30...before they had quite finished.  Stevie Van Zandt, GodLoveHim, seems to have been the most pissed off, shooting off a bunch of Tweets, including...

Anyway, a mere 43 years ago, Paul (with John, George, Ringo and Billy Preston), tried this same kinda shit!  Disturbing Londoners' peace and quiet with total disregard for people just trying to get a little work done.  I just have one thing to say; if Paul tries it again in 2055, I hope the Powers-That-Be let him go as long as he wants to.

January 30, 1969: Rooftop Concert at Apple Records:

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Todd Wheeler said...

Funky duds. Love George's sneakers. Thanks for posting; great start to my morning.