Monday, December 21, 2009


I made ratatouille (of a sort) for dinner last night. We don't really like eggplant so much, so mine has zucchini, tomatoes and onions. That's all seasoned with olive oil and salt and pepper. Then it's topped with some mozzarella, parmesan and bread crumbs (also mixed with a little olive oil).

This is what it looked like before it went into the oven. It looked almost exactly the same when it came out (40 minutes at 400º), so just look at the same shot twice.

This guy helped.


Anonymous said...

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Nathan said...

I'm leaving up that little bit of comment spam with the hope that someone can explain to me what they're trying to achieve with it. No links to anything. No website mentioned. Nothing! What are these idiots after?

MWT said...

For a moment I thought I was reading Michelle's blog - especially after she spent all day making things in the kitchen and substituting or leaving out stuff she didn't like.

Umm. Just thought you might like to know that. Or something. :)

Nathan said...

But did Michelle have a mouse? Hmmmmm?