Sunday, December 25, 2011

Have A Merry, Happy, Joyous, Festive, Jocund, and Jolly HoliYadaYadaYada.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day(s)!  I just thought I'd show you what I think may be the best tree I've seen this year in New York.  It's about 6" tall and it's on the counter at the coffee "lab" around the corner from my house.

Three things:

1. I wish Rockerfeller Center would try to duplicate this next year.  I think an 80' version of this would be cool beans.

2. I have no idea what's up with the broken Channukah* candles in the background.  A friend suggested it might be some sort of Channukah gang signal.

3. If you want more trees to look at, Steve has links to a bunch of 'em.

 *You'd think there'd be one spelling of the word Channukah that doesn't offend spell check.  You'd be wrong.


Megan said...

Back atcha, buddy.

Warner said...

I just had a spell check suggest that for poulty (I meant Chicken) I wanted Coulter.