Monday, February 6, 2012

Do You Think It Was Something I Said?

I got home today to find an intriguing piece of mail.  From India, no less!

Being a child of the 60's, my first thought upon seeing the "Sea Mail" imprint was...Hmmm, fan mail from some flounder?

A look at the return address didn't immediately shed any light on who might have sent me what.

So, of course I opened it and found a little booklet.  In Russian!  Curiouser and curiouser.

I won't mind a bit of translation from any of my Russian speaking readers*, but a quick internet search for GLS in Mumbai reveals that it's the Gospel Literature Service.  Ergo, somebody's trying to save my soul.  Why I'm getting anything printed in Russian from an Indian company founded by British Colonists is mighty perplexing.  Why they might think I'm a bound-for-hell heathen...a bit less so.

Ah well.  Getting mail is always nice.

Shocking, ain't it? I can think of at least three people who stop by here who will be able to provide translations.  Woohoo!


Steve Buchheit said...

Sea Mail.
Sea mail arrive.
Sea mail leave.
Sea mail perplex.
Sea mail sink.

Random Michelle K said...

That's kinda awesome.

Ilya said...

Easy enough - if you're ready for some motivational nonsense.

On the cover: Sid Roth - They Started Thinking. Subtitle: Courage to Resist What's Forbidden.

It is also the title on the page, with the subtitle on the bottom: Independent Thinkers Change The World.

The text:
This book came to life as the result of a Revelation, in which I was given the task to seek out Jews who broke with their obsolete concepts in order to fulfill their destiny. Everyone has their destiny, but not many fulfill it.

The heroes of this book belong to different societal strata. We will meet a former victim of genocide (ed. - Literal translation, but I suspect the meaning is Holocaust), a famous pianist, a mass-media worker, and a doctor of philosophy. Among them, you'll find both an atheist and an Orthodox.

What do they have in common, this unusual selection of participants?

They all started thinking and dared to resist what was forbidden.

If you ever thought that there is something more important in life than mundane routine, you were right!


Nathan said...

Obviously they've sent their little book to the wrong guy. Everybody knows I hold onto my obsolete concepts like a pit bull hangs onto a bacon-wrapped mailman!