Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Win Some. You Lose Some. But Who's Keeping Score?

Yesterday should have been a draw.  Having received a beauteous new red Yak yarn scarf (points for Anon GF for the making and the giving), I proceeded to wear it in the stifling heat (points por moi). And, I'll grant that the making and the giving of the scarf is actually worth more points than the mere wearing thereof...but that's why I'm describing a mild warm snap into a deathly heat wave.

Anyway, after dinner, I put out some cut up fruit and a couple of slices of banana bread (homemade BY ME), for us to nibble on while watching TV.  Now it's not like I put the stuff down and proceeded to snarf it down in two seconds without Anon GF being able to get at it.  It's not like I body-checked her when she reached for a bite.  No!  I just nibbled away at a relaxed pace.  Until it was all gone.

Is it my fault she chose to be on the phone the entire time I was nibbling? Hmmmmmm? I think not.

So imagine my surprise 45 minutes later when she said, "What happened to dessert"?  And imagine my chagrin as I answered "It got et". (I didn't really believe she might think the cats had eaten a bunch of melon and grapes, but it was worth a shot.)

I'm pretty sure I finished yesterday down a point.

Mmmmmmmmm. Sweet, tasty points!


Steve Buchheit said...

Dude, noooooeeeeessss. Seriously, when you're up in points, go to bed. Don't risk losing them the same day. They're not in the back until a sleep cycle passes.

Nathan said...

Go to bed? Without dessert?

You'll need to explain that to me.

John the Scientist said...

What is this "desert" you speak of? Is it a nice steaming brazier of tofu?

Nathan said...

John, I've been to the Mojave and the Painted ones. I've been in the Sinai and the Negev. As to dessert, please refer to the post for a full description.

No sand. No curd (of any olfactory predilection).