Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arrrrrgggggh! Arrrrrrgggggggh! Arrrrggggggghhhh!

As I mentioned, the post below this one MUST be moved off of my front page as soon as possible.  That image of Dee Snider haunts my dreams and bedevils my waking hours.

That image is, quite possibly, the reason for coinage of the phrase, "Kill It!  Kill It With Fire!"

So here's a post. I think it's taking up space quite admirably.

And apropos of nothing, I'd like to mention that a certain catchphrase had (mercifully) completely fallen out of my head until this morning.  Due to certain events in Australia yesterday,  IT'S BACK!


Random Michelle K said...

I think that's fair punishment for inflicting the image in the previous post on the rest of us.

Nathan said...

Snider ate your dingo!