Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Today Is National ________ Day!

I'll admit I'm a little disappointed.  Today seems to be National...uh...nothing Day. On the face of it, I'm sure you find this as disappointing as I do.  (Oh, c'mon! How hard is it to humor me?) Here we sit in a wilderness of 5 days commemorating and honoring...nothing at all between Guy Fawkes Night and Armistice Day.  Unless you're a devoted nihilist, this doesn't inspire your inner-squee.

You can, however, choose to join me in viewing this as a grand opportunity.  November 9th is just champing at the bit for something to celebrate.  Think of it!  How many times have you found yourself wanting to honor something only to realize, all the good days are already taken!   Well, November 9th is up for grabs -- as are November 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th!  It's a veritable cornucopia of days just hankering for something to devote themselves to! (to which to devote themselves?)

I have a few suggestions.

-National Head Lice Day (This could be either "pro" or "anti"; I'm flexible).
-National Chopped Liver Day (the good old American - i.e. Jewish -- kind, not that Frenchified pate' stuff.)
-National Bile Appreciation Day. (Face it; you need the stuff. And think how boring the internet would be without people spewing bile and venting their spleens! It's second only to cats in filling the intertoobs!)
-National Jabberwocky Day.  (Talking like a pirate has its own day. Is nonsensical stream-of-consciousness any less deserving?)

of possibly my favorite pet issue --

-National Blog Hijack™Day! (I think this one speaks for itself.)

Let's hear your neglected issues deserving of their own commemorative day.    

See? The kids are celebrating already!


TimBo said...

"National Bad Politician Day" - at least there are lots of spokespeople to choose from.

TimBo said...

"National Raise the Debt Ceiling Day"

TimBo said...

"National Dress Badly Day" - then there will be a day I can relate to.