Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Occupy Easy Street -- Signal Lost -- GPS Rerouting.

An overwhelmingly large percentage of people 
had an easier time reading this 
after clicking on it 
to activate biggification.


Nan S. said...

Ya got me...I did not utilize bigification and squinted like the moron I apparently am reading with my lips moving. Then I snorted with laughter. Good on ya.

Tom said...

I thought you were giving directions! I just want to follow. Won't somebody please tell me what to do?

TimBo said...


I admire the stand you've taken and the fact that you had the fortitude to take such a stand publicly. I want you to be confident that if they come for you, or harass you in anyway that I'll support you to the maximum degree.

Nathan said...


I am truly appreciative, truly I am. But I can't help thinking how much easier my life could be if you just started supporting me now!

TimBo said...

Yes, my support* will start right now. I feel fulfilled now that I can do something constructive for such a worthy purpose.

* See definition #4

Nathan said...

There's an extremely biting and witty remark headed your way as soon as I think of it!