Friday, April 6, 2012

Adorable Baby Stuff Is Adorable! (Now with Additional Adorable!)

We had a new nephew born about a week ago, so, in preparation, Anon GF has been knitting like a Banshee!  (Banshee's do too knit!)

There's a pea pod (with cap and stem!) to stick the kid in. There's a tomato hat. And there are those little cloths babies puke on -- the ones specially covered with aliens!  And just to give the kid a head start on having class, he'll be resting in a little baby Mondrian blanket!

Updated to add:  I bet you wanted to see some of the other stuff.  And the kid!

The kid wearing the pea pod cap.

The pea pod and cap (sans kid).

A space ship and alien.  To spit up on!


vince said...


Random Michelle K said...

Those aren't just adorable, they are also AWESOME!

Tom said...

Puke cloths to puke in, and pea pods to pee in! Absolutely adora-freakin-ble.

Tom said...
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hip clothes said...

Those are perfect for baby!