Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's National Beer Day!

Today marks the effective end of Prohibition -- April 7, 1933, when beer was once again permitted to be sold in the U.S. Even without all those Depression Era recovery programs and WWII and stuff like that, this would have guaranteed FDR's place as one of the great Presidents! 

A true hero of his era.

Two unfortunate notes:  1.)  I wasn't paying enough attention, so I missed notifying you of New Beer's Eve yesterday, so you may have gotten a late start celebrating.  And 2.) Beer, since it's made from fermented grains is not Kosher for Passover.  This inauspicious confluence of the Solar and Lunar Calendars means that observant Jews will have to delay marking the occasion. (I'm a heathen backslider, so I intend to celebrate both for myself and to exercise my tribe's proxy.)


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