Sunday, November 28, 2010

Word (Verification) of the Day!


I ran across this as the word verification on someone's blog today and I deem it an excellent word.  I'm not entirely sure of the definition, but I offer some possibilities.

Noun: One who does not fit in with current society.  Example: James Dean represented the Malitype in Rebel Without a Cause. 

Noun: The act of type-casting an actor in the "evil doer" role.  Example: Oh, you think of one.

Noun: The act of typing badly, as if with one's thumbs or large toes.  Example: V'min. upi guis.  Uyov'e all fone rhis barouf.  Vaxters!

Go ahead...take a whack at it yourself.

P.S.  I'll have (bad) video to post later today just for Eric.  He'll (hopefully) find it amusing and the rest of you will invite us both to shut the hell up.  Something for ALL of you to look forward to!

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