Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Bo.Lt From The Blue!

I found this website today, BO.LT, that basically let's you copy any web page and then let's you replace elements with your own content...including pictures, text and links.  Frankly, I have no idea whatsoever why they bothered creating this thing -- yeah, I'm sure it's all for benign purposes -- but, of course, I had to mess with it once I found it.

Here's what I've discovered. 

If I wasn't so lazy, this thing could be truly dangerous in my hands!

I could use it to libel my cat.  Take that LuLu.  That'd make her think twice before farting in my presence.

I could use it to cast a cloud over a friend's perfectly good Commie, Pinko credentials.  Didn't see that coming, did you Eric?

Mostly, I think it would come in handy whenever I needed a link to prove any of my inane positions.  But it turns out it's even more work making up evidence than it is just saying, "I'm right...I don't have to prove it."



Eric said...

I am appalled by what you've done, Nathan. Justice Scalia writes all of his own opinions, and I had absolutely nothing to do with them.

I did, however, write both of Justice Thomas' opinions for the Court.

Let me say that I make this announcement here at Polybloggimous after a lengthy conversation with Andy and Bob about whether we finally wanted to go public with it. Andy was of the opinion that we should milk the "Clarence Thomas" performance for as long as possible and that we were too far in to pull out now. Bob tended to feel that there was no point in carrying a schtick so far it couldn't be revealed to the audience at the end--an idea Andy vehemently disagreed with, naturally. My own concern was that with your allegations that I was writing Scalia's opinions, Nathan, that the truth would be out as soon as the major news media got a hold of it.

So we're going public.

"Clarence Thomas" was played mostly by Andy, though Bob stood in for him during most of the 1996 Supreme Court term because Andy wanted to spend more time playing Tony Clifton. I mainly contributed as a writer, though I did stand in as Clifton in 2003 when Thomas (Andy) met Clifton (me) at a Republican fundraiser. Other friends of ours have stepped in at various times in "Thomas'" career to cover bits of his life--most notably, the entire "pubic hair in my Coke" gag with Anita Hill was entirely Robin Williams, who covered for Andy, Bob and I for a two-month period in which we all had various other balls up in the air, including a TV pilot that never went anywhere, though we were able to recycle the main character in a recent gubernatorial race (no, I'm not at liberty to tell you which one, and I'm pretty sure you'll have a hard time guessing).

Anyway, I'd like to wrap this up by thanking everybody who's been a good sport about the whole thing, all the folks who have helped us out during the years (an extended decades-long performance piece is hard to pull off, as you might imagine), and especially Ginnie for doing such a phenomenal job playing "Ginnie Thomas" and for designing the original "Clarence Thomas" prosthetics for us all those decades years ago. Wouldn't have been possible without any of you. Good show, everyone, good show.

Nathan said...

I wondered how long it would take you to get here!