Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Really Slow Stuff.

I always get kind of a kick out of the shapes trees can take when something gets in their way.  The trees don't seem to give a rat's ass.  They just keep on going in the direction they want to and they, more or less, deal with the impediment in their own good time.

I like the way this tree just oozed it's way through/around this chain link fence.
I'm guessing if it had been allowed another few years of growth, even these little diamond-shaped mementos in the bark would have eventually grown together and mostly disappeared.
Roots pay lip service to sidewalks at first and just flow over and around whatever is in the way, but...
...eventually, if the sidewalk is in the way, it's gonna get moved.
This old hunk of sidewalk must have been too much effort to chip out and they just decided to leave that part when they enlarged the tree well.
Speaking of "lip service", I'm curious what forced this little oddity.
This one looks a little like lava, just flowing into whatever gaps are easiest.
On another subject, I may have mentioned that there's a new coffee shop in my neighborhood called WTF Coffee Labs.  Personally, I think they're a little bit out of their minds.  You can order your coffee from a large variety of beans from a large variety of brewing processes.  One of them is a cold filtered process where the coffee takes about 24 hours to prepare.
If it's not clear from the pictures, that rig is mounted on the wall and it's about 5' tall.  The drips happen about once every two seconds.
That's one slooooooow way to make coffee.
As often as not, I'm just as happy with a 75¢ cup of mud from the corner deli.  I guess I'm a Philistine that way.


Megan said...

Trees and fancy coffee shops, eh? You really want to torture me, don't you?

Nathan said...

Oh c'mon! You know you prefer tea and tundra.

Some dude stuck in the Midwest said...

The tree through the fence are a pain in the ass to remove. I have two of these in my backyard.

24 Hour wait for coffee?

Nathan said...

I'm pretty sure they serve that stuff as iced coffee and keep a stash in the fridge.

Then again, I also know that the argument about whether Han Solo or Greedo shot first is just plain silly. A careful analysis of latent background audio proves conclusively that the first shot came from the grassy knoll.

Phiala said...

I saw a tree last weekend that had swallowed a 22 rifle: barrel sticking out one side of the big old willow, remains of the stock from the other.

I'll make sure to put the photo online when I finish sorting my pics.

Nathan said...

How does someone misplace a rifle long enough (in plain sight) for a tree to absorb it?


Phiala said...

I think a hunter set the 22 in a tree crotch, then forgot where it was. Someone rediscovered it much later.

WendyB_09 said...

You'd like my boss...he drinks coffee just for the caffeine and doesn't care what it tastes like. So he'll brew a pot one day, stick it in the fridge and keep drinking it until's it's gone, whick might be several days.