Sunday, October 10, 2010

One More Thing I've Noticed

As you drive around Ulster County, you pass through a bunch of small towns and villages and each one seems to have their own Dept. of Public Works.  When you pass the road leading to their garages, you invariably see one of these v-shaped snowplow blades sitting there at the corner.

Unlike the one in the picture, they're always resplendent in bright yellow paint and they sit, with pride of place, upon some sort of pedestal. It is obviously the Upstate New York Universal Sign for a Public Works Garage.

What I'm wondering is this:  In the winter, when they need to use the plow blade and it disappears from its pedestal, how do the DPW workers find their way to the garage?

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WendyB_09 said...

They follow the vehicle the snow plow is on back to the garage, silly!

Trust me on this. Growing up we lived in a small town in Western NY. Our house was next to the school bus garage and there was a shiny red & yellow plow attachment that made a fine fort for the neighborhood kids during the summer. Think I still have scars from falling off that thing!

In winter however, we didn't have to wait for the radio announcements telling us the schools were closed. If we heard them hooking up the plow & heading down the street we knew to get up and get dressed. The next sound we'd hear would be the buses starting to head out about an hour later.

Only on rare occassions did the plow come back in and park. That also was cause for rejoicing even if we were dressed for school. If the plows couldn't get out to the main road, the buses couldn't run, so no one could get in to the schools either. So Snow DAY!!