Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Triumph...Of Sorts.

Anybody who's spent any time driving around in rural areas knows that the standard means for getting rid of an unwanted barn is to let it just fall down where it is. Presumably, there's an expectation that eventually, the whole thing will just biodegrade, sink into the earth, become some sort of super fertilizing agent and --- presto --- a crop of ultra-corn, mega-soy, or gargantua-wheat will sprout and take over the rest of the farm, thus ensuring prosperity for the family without effort for generations to come!

I'm sure that's the theory.

I'm also sure that somewhere, at some time, someone got rid of a barn by dismantling it or bulldozing it or otherwise making it actually go away.  But I've never seen any evidence of this either.

Yup, the standard way of getting rid of a barn is to just stay the hell out of it for a couple of hundred years until it's just a mound and some archeologists makes you stop farming long enough for them to conduct an exhaustive excavation so they can tell you what your great-great-great grandparents' chickens ate.

Anyway, this is the closest I've ever seen anyone come to success with this tactic.  I know there's nothing growing there yet, but I can feel it coming any minute now...or maybe in another decade or four.

Ladies and Gentlemen...I present you the Fallingest Downingest Barn in America.

I'm so proud I could weep.

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Steve Buchheit said...

Actually, the standard way it to burn them. But the cheapies just let them fall in. If they're smart, they'll resell the wood timbers that have. Those go for a nice penny.