Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Make Of This What You Will.

Steve regularly tosses out what he call Story Bones, hence the name of his blog.  The idea is that he posts a sentence, a snippet, a phrase...anything at all, and then makes it clear that it's up for grabs. Here's one from me. I'll abide by "Da Rules" posted on Steve's sidebar.

Have at it.

P.S. The image above has nothing to do with anything, except I thought this post needed a picture of some bones.

The beginning was the hard part.

No.  The next bit was fairly complicated too.  But maybe not so hard as the beginning was. 

No, the beginning was definitely the hard part.

In fact, thinking back on it, after the beginning of the middle part, things actually got easier and easier. Most of the middle parts were practically effortless.  Things just kind of always fell into place.  Hell, the end of the middle part was like falling off a log!

Easy Peasey.

Yeah, the beginning was definitely the hard part.

Well…maybe except for this part now.  This part seems to be shaping up to suck to epic proportions.


Steve Buchheit said...

That part is always the hardest part of all.

Thanks for the shout out, Nathan. Any, BTW, love the drawing. Tomorrow night I begin Anatomy & Physiology II, Electric Boogaloo of Guts. So seeing the skeleton made me laugh.

Nathan said...

It's actually a kid's drawing I stole from somebody's MommyBlog.