Thursday, January 20, 2011


Someone needs to tell me whether or not I should be excited about this.  It seems that Smashburger is opening in my neighborhood.  On the one hand, anything new is always welcome. On the other hand, anybody out there ever had a smashburger?

I am, of course, happy to see anything coming to NY show up in my neighborhood first.  This one will be a 12 minute walk from home.  And they're apparently planning two more in the vicinity.  They'll also have the "Brooklyn Burger" exclusively at this store. If you look at their various locations' menus, there's some burger that's exclusive to each state. The Idaho Burger has potato chips on it.

They haven't said what will be on a Brooklyn Burger, but I've got a few ideas.  How about a slab of corned beef.  Or maybe a burger topped with a wedge of cheesecake!  Maybe they should ditch the bun and wrap a burger in a slice of pizza.  That'd be pretty hardcore Brooklyn.

Or, maybe they can pile a couple of burgers together and just call it a Brooklyn Decker.
It's not terribly imaginative, foodwise, but I bet they'd sell a bunch.  I'll graciously accept a small gratuity for the idea, but if she sues, please forget you ever heard of me.


Eric said...
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Eric said...

I think my comment may have been just a little too lewd and disrespectful to Ms. Decker, who I'm sure is a thoughtful, wonderful person who doesn't deserve to be a mere object of lust from old fat men surfing the Internet. I am much chagrined that I slipped into an immediate schoolboy reaction. My bad.

Nathan said...

And you wouldn't want Andy Roddick peeved at you either, would you?