Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yes, My Friends...I Am Full Of Crap!

This morning, as is my wont, I found myself thinking, "Hmmmm, what shall I pontificate about today?"  And each idea that popped into my head, bred a train of thought, both rambling and ranting, which led me to the same unsurprising conclusion..."Nathan; you're full of shit!"

And so, I invite you, who I daresay may be living in states of exquisite denial regarding your own craptaculent repleteness, to pile it were.  I beg thee...tell me all the ways, both real and imagined, in which I am...full of shit.  Please recount specific instances.  Making them up out of whole cloth is not only permissible; it is to be encouraged.

Have at it.


Nathan said...

Now that's the spirit!

But I warn you, I could make the place look LIKE THIS!

Eric said...

Sir, thy crapulence offends the orbs of mine eyes. It may be said of many that there is crap; that as the shadow of the dial circles round with the daily passing of Apollo through the crystalline spheres of Heaven, they are full of the base fecal substance that is the final product of all men's labor: but in thy own case, sir, we see that the matter to which all Man's conditions are returned is dominant to rare and peerless degree.

Where is the Hercules who will labor through thy crap, sir? Where might we find the Alexander who shall conquer the empires of thy vast steaming loads? I must needs fear he would be brought down like Hector at the gates of Troy at the gates of thy boundless bowels. Thou art shit-filled, and I must take issue with any knave who would deny thou art shit-filled, with my own poniard if they wilt insist on denying the evidence of their own leaking eyes and seeping nose. Aye.

WendyB_09 said...

My good proprietor of this fine corner of the blogosphere-

I shall instead defend your honor with a friendly thread jack...You posted last month on the curse of non-singers mangling our magnificent national anthem. My comments indicated that only properly trained singers should attempt to sing it in public, let alone to a national audience.

Don't know if you're a NASCAR fan, but this week's Sprint car race is in Las Vegas. The young lady that masterfully performed the anthem, including the high-C at the end, is the lead in the Vegas production of Phantom of the Opera.