Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Feel Just Fine, Thank You Very Much.

I know a bunch of you were worried about me -- (oh, c'mon. Admit it -- of course you were) -- because of my month without Palin (and/or Bachmann), but I appear to have survived it without any permanent damage.  There was a bit of hyperventilating at first, but I doggedly held out from mentioning either of them.

I'll admit that the revelation that Palin has a few sock puppets on her Facebook page proved difficult to resist.  I briefly wavered but I looked up a bunch of 12 step programs and I proved myself stronger than the addiction.  And, to be honest, Bachmann was somewhat helpful by remaining more or less silent during the month.  Thanks for that Michelle.

Anyway, I not only managed to go an entire month without mentioning either of them, I even went an extra day into March!

Congratulatory gifts will be graciously accepted.


Steve Buchheit said...

Here's my gift. Wait. Damnit. HERE's the... damnit. It just won't go through the screen no matter how hard I try. You'll just have to imagine how wonderful it is. And it is. It took me all morning to find it for you.

TimBo said...

Ya, no problem I'll just donate through your 'Tip' button on the sidebar. $200 enough? Wait, no Tip button? What kind of communist blog is this?

vince said...

I still don't know what you have against Michael Palin and Randy Bachman.

Maybe you just don't like Monty Python, or the Guess Who or Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Eric said...

I, too, managed to go a month without S.P. on my blog! And it was easier than I thought it would be! Huzzah!

::high five::

Tom said...

Damn! Does this mean I have to mention S(s)WSNBN on my blog now? NO! I just won't do it. I refuse!

ashiest: too easy...