Thursday, October 6, 2011

In Which I Deliver An Impassioned And Eloquent Commentary On The Hank Williams, Jr. Contretemps.

The guy's kind of a putz, isn't he?


Gristle McThornbody said...

Why, yes; yes, he is.

Are you going to be okay?

Nathan said...

I imagine I'll be fine.

Unless Hank reads this, gets pissed, and decides on a side trip to Brooklyn.

Random Michelle K said...

Uhh.... What am I missing?

Gristle McThornbody said...

Can't speak for Nathan, but I was concerned that he had strained something making his impassioned, eloquent, long-winded commentary.

I think I broke a fingernail stealing linkage from Jay Allbritton to post on my blog, so I know the dangers of overdoing it in the name of our art.

Unknown said...

So moved by your passion. God bless!

TimBo said...

In case there are some other readers who don't follow US wackiness in the news very often and never heard that HWJ compared Obama to Hitler (and then half-assed apologized "I’m sorry if I offended somebody"). Here's a link to a Forbes story: How Hank Williams Jr. Hurt ESPN And The Business of Football

You're welcome.

Nathan said...


I actually take him at his word* that he didn't intend to compare Obama to Hitler; that his point was that Obama and Boehner are so irrevocably opposed to each other that it's like Hitler and Netanyahu having a golf outing together. (I also don't believe he was really comparing Boehner to Netanyahu since I highly doubt the guy knows anything more about Netanyahu than the fact that he's Jewish.)

That being said, I don't find it encouraging or comforting that Williams (or anyone else) thinks it's reasonable to believe that the thought of the Speaker of the House and the President meeting under convivial circumstances is somehow an obscene betrayal of their constituencies. (Which, come to think of it, are supposed to be the very same constituencies.)

*Usually when someone says, "I take him at his word", they mean "Uh, sure" ::wink, wink::, but in this case I really take him at his word with no winking involved. I also believe that he uses the words "liberry", "axe", "irregardless" and "hugga-mugga" in formal conversation.

Nathan said...

Oh, BTW, a lot of people immediately mentioned The Dixie Chicks when this all started without quite drawing out the comparison to any conclusion.

I'll be surprised if any venue cancels one of his appearances. He certainly won't be the recipient of a bunch of death threats the way The Dixie Chicks were. These are not equivalent situations from opposite sides of the aisle.

TimBo said...

You probably shouldn't have to expend that much effort explaining your one line blog.

I never read beyond the Forbes article (and I just scanned it) and I was blissfully ignorant of any nuances until reading your reply. I don't watch football (or do you call it soccer in the US?) nor do I listen to C&W music (at least not often). Frankly, I was happy not knowing about any of this.

Also, when I posted my first reply I got logged out of my business gmail account (I use my personal gmail account on blogspot) and was late answering a client's e-mail.

What I'm trying to say is that you and HWJ have added misery to my life. I suspect that will make you happy. ;-)

I think I'll take a nap now.

Random Michelle K said...

You know Nathan, if you hadn't posted that, I might have remained blissfully ignorant to the entire things.

Nathan said...


I take my responsibilities seriously. You're welcome.