Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kinda Pathetic, Huh?

I find myself not giving a rat's ass lately.  I'm not sure why, but some things that might have had me fuming not so long ago are merely rating a "Meh" on my meter.

Item The First:

Naturally, the whole bin Laden snuffing has piqued interest in Navy Seals, so a Pennsylvania newspaper put out the word they'd like to interview some ex-Seals if any were interested in coming forward.  So, the Reverend Jim Moats talks to a reporter and gets his story told in the newspaper.  Only, Rev. Moats was never a Seal...he's only let his congregation believe he was for the past however many years.

What Moats didn't count on is that newspapers show up on the internet and the internet is fairly good at calling out frauds.  The fact that he modeled his story after some (bad) movies didn't help him much.  My favorite quote from the story...“The pastor never thought anyone outside of  [his] small community would see that.  He doesn’t understand how the Internet works.” 

And like I said, a story like this would usually get me all frothy, or at least all schadenfreude-y.  Mostly, I end up just feeling sorry for the guy.  What a pathetic putz.

Item The Second:

A couple of Yiddish language "newspapers" (published by and for NY's Hassidic community), got some unwanted attention by publishing that picture of Obama and top aides watching the bin Laden hit.  And since the papers have a policy against publishing pictures of women (lest a reader be driven into a lustful frenzy), they photoshopped out Hilary Clinton and Audrey Tomason.  A lot of people are outraged over this because they feel like it negates and denigrates women.  That may or may not be; it's not what gets me.  The thing that gets me is that printing a knowingly doctored photo in your newspaper is a lie...plain and simple. 

Now I'm not part of that community and I couldn't read the paper if I wanted to (I don't read or understand enough Yiddish), but it seems to me those papers both just ceded any credibility they might have had.  Unfortunately, the people who the papers are aimed at surely miss that point.

So, I could get all outraged and stuff, but...again...Meh.  My outrage will accomplish absolutely nothing.

Item The Third:

You know how people are always talking about their "celebrity sightings" in the wild?  I may have mentioned...I never see anybody famous walking down the street.  Or if I do, I don't notice.  So, on the rare occasion that I do see and notice a famous person, you'd think it could be someone I'd get excited about.  Maybe Bob Dylan?  Bruce Springsteen?  A supermodel?  My karma isn't exactly un-deserving!

I'm sorry, I like the guy's stories and everything, but I'm not likely to drop everything to notify the world that I just saw...
Bill Geist.



Tom said...

You SAY you wouldn't drop everything to notify us that you saw Bill Geist, but isn't that what you JUST DID!?

And, since you were just "meh-ing" other meh-able subjects, but couldn't even be bothered to give Mr. Geist a "meh" of his own, this post has just been awarded a "double-meh." Meh, meh.

Nathan said...

My exciting encounter with Mr. Geist took place last Wednesday while I was waiting for my sister outside of Central Park. If that's "dropping everything" to notify you, it's a really accomplished procrastinator's version of it.


Tom said...

Here, just wait a second while I drop everything...

You still there? Hello?

OK, so I got it wrong. This is meh apology. Sorry... ;)

John the Scientist said...

I'm still stuck on the juxtaposition of "Hillary Clinton" and "lustful frenzy". o.O

WendyB_09 said...

Hey, I almost ran over Bob Dylan with a golf cart while cutting through a backstage area during a show.

He was amused!

Item of note from that encounter is the reason you always see Dylan with stacked-heel boots - he's SHORT!!

Nathan said...

And sometimes he wears a plume in his hat for even more heightening goodness!

And John...those guys wouldn't have even printed a picture of Bela Abzug. Lack of beard may be the only criterion.

Tom said...

It's not the beard thing. I have it on good authority that Hilary Clinton with a beard would have been 'shopped out, too. It's the chromosome thing.

Know why?

No, why?

No "Y".


TimBo said...

My confession:

I used to pretend to be a seal, but I couldn't really carry it off. I was okay with the barking but I just couldn't balance a ball on my nose.

Nathan said...


seems like an awful lot of work just to have sardines tossed at you.