Saturday, May 14, 2011


So, David, a friend from my college days posted this video on FaceBook this morning.

Two things have always gotten me about this song....One; the lyric "There is water at the bottom of the ocean".  Well, duh.  What else would there be.  But I love that line anyway.  It's one of the really trippy thoughts that occurs to you as if it's some kind of epiphany or something.  Trippy as it is, I love it.  It kind of reminds me of a time when the least little thing could come to me as an epiphany.  Two; the lyric "Am I right; Or am I wrong?  My God...what have I done?"

That second line was going to get me ranting about my doubt that that thought ever crosses the mind of many (if any) of the people we elect to office.  I'd be really thankful if I thought more of them stopped for a nanosecond every once in a while just to ask themselves...really the dark even...with no witnesses, "Am I right; Or am I wrong?"

Then three things happened before I started writing this.  First, I went off looking for a live version of the video and realized I like the one posted above better.  Second, I realized that the previous paragraph is just about all the rant I've got in me on that subject at the moment. It speaks for itself or it doesn't.

Third, I realized that even though I've mentioned elsewhere how much I liked the film Stop Making Sense, I can't find any record of ever having talked about it here.  I can watch that film over and over again.  It's really about as great  a concert film as you could want or hope for.

So I found myself watching a bunch of the cuts from the film over on YouTube and I decided to share just a few with you.

First, the movie opens with David Byrne alone on stage with a boombox and an acoustic guitar. 

As the film goes on, Byrne is joined by additional band members. This next song isn't actually one of my favorite Talking Heads songs, but the way it's performed here is just sublime.

Once all of the band is there, they do a great Burning Down The House.

They do a bunch of other songs during the movie and then they end with an absolutely brilliant version of Al Green's Take Me To The River.  Enjoy.  Unfortunately, the only copy of that one has the embedding disabled.  Do yourself a favor and go watch it here.

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