Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nathan Van Winkle

I have no idea what brought this to mind, but today I was thinking about 10th Grade and Mrs. Brewster's  AP American History class (yes, she was a Mrs. back there in the dark ages of 1976).  She was a terrific teacher and this was one of my favorite classes.  She was also one of my few teachers who didn't make a habit of telling me what better my students my older siblings had been.

Regardless of any of that, I had a habit of falling asleep in her class.  Usually, it was that thing where you nod off and wake yourself up when your chin hits your chest.  No harm, no foul.  One day, however, I really went down for the count.

It turns out Mrs. Brewster had an evil side to her.  I'm still not sure how she pulled this off, but when my class was over, she made everyone leave really quietly.  Then, she met the next class in the hall and warned them to be quiet.  And then, she did it again when that class ended. 

Did she whisper the lessons to those two classes or was I just in a really brief coma?  Who knows?  I just know I woke up two hours later in a room full of people I didn't recognize.  And I had no idea whatsoever where I was supposed to be.

And yes, I had drooled all over my desk.  Teachers fight dirty!

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Tom said...

Bet you never did THAT again!

And I had a Miss Montanden as my second 5th grade teacher. I seem to think all the other women teachers were Mrs. something. I was in love with Miss Montanden. Only problem was I was like 11 years old, and I did't have the slightest idea what love was...

Oh well.