Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Almost A Jailbird.

It's a story that I can't really tell until next week, but I could have been arrested this morning. (I suppose that's possible on any morning, but today I had reason to suspect that it might actually happen.)

I'll tell you all about it next week, but suffice it to say, I'm actually a little disappointed that my incarceration did not transpire. It really would have made a better story.

Instead, I'm sitting on a lovely bench out by a swimming pool while our crew is happily ensconced in a big rambling house...just filming and filming away...and not calling me on the radio every ten minutes. And we seem to be having a little resurgence of clement weather (67º today), so I'm really quite happy and comfortable.

Oh, and I also didn't get a speeding ticket this morning because just as I was passing the hidden cop by the side of the road, some lunatic in a mini-van went flying by me doing about 90mph. He made a much more attractive target.



Steve Buchheit said...

You don't need to do the speed limit as long as there are more idiots on the road willing to go faster than you.

And you don't want to go to jail. They have crappy wifi service. You couldn't tell us about it.

Random Michelle K said...

I couldn't txt you about bunnies if you were in jail.

Nathan said...


It's not like you actually know I'm getting them now.

ntsc said...

Don't know what parkway you were on, but on the one I think you were on you have to be traveling faster than traffic to catch the attention of a cop.

I expect this to change when the police get told they are now an income source.

When you can, I would be interested in knowing where this is taking place.

Nathan said...

I was on the Palisades. The almost-getting-a-ticket and the almost-getting-arrested were unrelated.

The speed limit there is 50mph and the cops are totally aware of the revenue enhancement possibilities of 56mph. (They just know that there's more revenue to be made from the guy doing 80!)

I'll explain more today.

ntsc said...

That is where I thought you were.

I no longer do a daily commute on that road, but when I did, traffic in the rush hour direction was allowed 80 mph into the city and 70 mph out during the rush hour. I've no idea why the speed difference.

When I first started driving it, NJ ridgidly enforced the 50, about 2000 they stopped and changed to the higher numbers. In NY the de facto rush hour limit seems to be 65 south of the Interstate and 70 north.

And again, all traffic is moving at this speed in the passing lane. Non rush, I won't speed in NJ.