Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cheery Stuff On A Sunday!

You'll have to bear with me til the end of this to get to the actual cheery part!

This morning, I found myself surfing aimlessly while having my morning coffee and I ran across this article. Maybe it was the early hour. Maybe the coffee hadn't kicked in yet. Maybe it was the font they used in the article. Maybe my eyes are getting old.

Maybe I'm just friggin retarded.

I don't know what to blame, but I was sure I was reading an article about Detective Underwear. I won't embarrass myself any further by telling you how far I got into the article before it registered with me that there wouldn't be anything about a super-sleuth who refuses to wear pants.

So, what's the cheery news? Just that I'd say you have an 85% chance of one of my readers making a better joke out of Detective Underwear than I ever would have come up with!

And guess what else? I'm over on the West Side of the Hudson River this morning getting ready to do some helicopter shots of a car driving over some cliffs. QUEL KEWWWWWL, NON?

I'll post something with pictures when I get home.


neurondoc said...

Happy Marathon day to you!

Tom said...

Wait, I thought that was "reflective underwear...".

On second thought (reflecting about underwear), I don't think that fell into the 85%.