Friday, November 27, 2009

Today Kinda Sucks.

I have a buttload of stuff to get done today. And the thing that sucks about it is that I'd get holiday pay if I just sat on my ass at home all day.

What've I gotta do?

-Stop by the armory and sign all of their paperwork. (We shoot there Monday afternoon.)
-Stop by the Railroad and sign all of their paperwork. (This one's not my fault - it's their paperwork and they just got it ready Wednesday afternoon.)
-Make a deal with one of the houses right near the railroad for Tuesday afternoon's shooting. (This was a scheduling change and we just scouted houses at the beginning of this week.)
-Sign the paperwork with next Wednesday's location. (This is a change of location. Our original location was on 2nd Avenue and it's become unshootable because the 2nd Avenue subway construction - which has done nothing since approximately 1986 -- has actually reached the spot where we wanted to shoot. It's really hard to shoot a scene when it sounds like there are 12 jackhammers working in the basement of your location.)
-Get the director look at pictures of a check cashing place a block from Wednesday's location for a mini-move to shoot one scene.
-Replace Thursday's location - you don't want to know.
-Signing the paperwork for next Friday's location can wait until next week.

Then I have to go into the office (which is closed) and drop of check requests with copies of all of this paperwork so Accounting can cut checks for all of these locations.

Oh, and I have to hang signs for the people driving to Monday's location, but I don't want to do that today because they'll all just disappear before Monday morning if I do.

(That's not one of our signs -- just something I found online.)

I guess I'm working a little on Sunday as well.

There are some other minor (and not so minor) details to be resolved for the next two weeks of shooting, but they can all wait until next week when I can foist them off on other people.

The good news is that on Tuesday, we get to crash a train into a car! (...since I'm gonna sign the Railroad's paperwork today.)


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