Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm SpamTastic!

For the last couple of weeks, I've started getting comment or two a day...on old posts here. I won't further tempt the spam Lords by naming the products, but they all want to make you hairy, horny and capable. I've had to close three comment threads that inexplicably seemed to draw them over and over again.

I'm going to choose to view this all as evidence that my blog has hit the big time.

My delusions keep me happy!


Random Michelle K said...

See if there is an option in blogger to close all comment threads over 14 (or whatever) days old.

In Word Press, comments on older threads can be placed in moderation,so if they're really, you can let 'em go through, and after a comment has be posted on an older thread, it "reopens" the thread for another week (or whatever).

It's a fabulous option for fighting comment spam.

Steve Buchheit said...

You and me both, Nathan. Although I've been plagued by one spammer. That's why I had to issue my warning of bringing down the hammer on him. It seems to have been effective. Maybe my pinging around his servers also had something to do with it.

Eric said...

"...hairy, horny and capable"? So somebody finally made a product to turn me into a satyr? I wouldn't mind trying that, it might be faun.

Yeah, yeah, I had to go there. Sorry.

MWT said...

I've been getting one per day for the past few days. The first couple were vaguely amusing because they'd put their links in the square-bracket BBcode forum format. Well, I was amused anyway. ;)

MWT said...

Hey, I got that same Russian one as you've got listed in your Recent Comments widget. :D