Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"I started getting elbowed in the head and stuff. So, I just started diving over moms."

I try to be informative here and bring you stuff you might, otherwise, not know about.  Yesterday, as a completely selfless service to you, the reader, I showed you how to make Squirrel Melt Sandwiches.  Did I get any thanks from you?  Any reaction at all?  Nooooooooo, I. Did. Not.

Fine!  When you decide to get dinner from the backyard instead of that expensive grocery store down the block, you can just figure out how to prepare the damn thing on your own.

But since I'm such a caring and selfless guy, I'm going to attempt to enlighten you people on another subject.  This advice is something you'd think might go without saying, but apparently not.  Apparently it does need saying.  So here.  I'm gonna say it.  Ready?


It seems that a church in Rochester, NH, with the best of intentions, dropped a whole lot of eggs from a helicopter for the mother of all Easter Egg Hunts.  I'm assuming these were plastic eggs since I can't imagine anyone thinking real eggs would survive the fall. There were also prizes involved. The article isn't clear on how you qualified for a prize -- apparently, "standing in line for the bounce house" was enough to get one person a flat screen TV.

Anyway, instead of the expected turnout of maybe 2000 people, police estimate the crowd at 10,000!  As you might expect, the crowd was calm and well behaved and a lovely time was had by all.  Here's some first person accounts:
"As soon as they said go, we were all in the front going 'whoomp,' getting trampled on top of each other," said Deborah Savage, of Rochester.
"Nobody could grab any eggs because people just got trampled in," said Hanna Savage.
"Some kids got lost out there. They couldn't find their parents or anything," said Gabriella Savage
(I can't tell you if the reporter was lazy about getting a lot of viewpoints, or if Rochester just has an inordinate number of Savage families.)

And don't think that dropping shit out of a helicopter is only a bad Easter idea.  Dropping shit out of helicopters is never a good idea.

(For a longer version of that WKRP episode, go here.)

I will not be held responsible if you people aren't paying attention today.


cjdahl60 said...

Wow, no comments to yesterday's squirrel melts post? I was so amused that I forwarded on a link to your post to a number of my friends.

I now feel guilty that I didn't leave a comment of thanks. I've even won a box of chocolates from your blog in the past. I can be such an ungrateful person sometimes.

Your blog is one the highlights of my day each and every day. Please keep up the good work.

Nathan said...

Awwwww. (And I want pictures when you try the recipe!)

Random Michelle K said...

Turkeys CAN fly, damnit!

Steve Buchheit said...

Random Michelle, wild turkeys can fly, the white domestics, however, can't manage it (too heavy, too small of wings).

And yeah, just starting to read this post I was thinking, "Wait, didn't any of them ever watch WKRP?" TV is edumacational.

arksauff - what Noah was shoveling for years after they landed.