Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Loathe April Fools Day.

Honestly.  I think April Fools Day and all of the pranks that go with it just suck.  My attitude may be related to the fact that I'm pretty sure this is the first year I've ever realized it was April Fools Day before being made a fool of.  I've never really appreciated that.  Anyway, I just don't care for this annual event.

What to do?  I could follow Shawn's example and just celebrate TMI Day instead.  But that would call for me, 1.) setting up a Twitter account and 2.) sharing a bunch of TMI-ish stuff with everyone and their mothers.  Neither of those things is going to happen, so no.

I could mark the day by telling you about all of the awesome people who were born on April 1st.  Here's an example.
-Emperor Go-Saga of Japan was born this day in 1220
- Luigi Schiavonetti, an Italian engraver was born this day in 1765
-Agha Petros, an Assyrian general was born this day in 1880
-Lor Tok, a Thai comedian and actor was born this day in 1914
-Dave Vankoughnett,  a CFL corner for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers was born this day in 1966 (I hope he's retired.)
Really, other than Ali McGraw, Lon Chaney and Jimmy Cliff, this just isn't a great day for "born on this day in history" day.  And really...what have any of them done for me lately?

In fact the only really auspicious birthday today is Jamie Chan's. (She was the Producer's Assistant on a show I did last year.)  Why don't you all go over to her FaceBook Page and wish her a Happy Birthday?  And if it only allows friends to view and post on her wall, go ahead and Friend her.  And when she's wondering where all of these new friends she's never heard of came from, just holler, "April Fools!".

And you know what's even better? When I was getting the link for her page, I realized that Facebook had helpfully warned me that her birthday is coming up tomorrow.  Go ahead and tell her I sent you on the wrong day. 

Sometimes, I crack me up!

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