Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Right Needs Some Better Celebrities

There's a little slideshow on HuffPo showing "The Craziest Things 'Celebrities' Have Ever Said About Obama". Before looking at it, I was wondering why they put the quotation marks around the word Celebrities.  Before looking at it.

Who are these Crazy Celebrities they're quoting?
-Victoria Jackson: Saturday Night Live has-been who wasn't all that funny when she was an is-am(?).  Most notable recent public appearances include guest shots on The 700 Club and speaking at Tea Party Rallies.
Victoria Jackson speaking without the aid of a teleprompter.  I hope the wind stays calm.

-Jon Voight: Played Principal Dimly in the Bratz movie.  Chief source of recent attention is his ongoing competition with Michael Lohan for Father of the Decade honors.
"I used to be somebody you stupid fuck, you!"

-Stephen Baldwin: Voted Least Likely To Succeed at 3 straight Baldwin Family Reunions and counting.

-Ben Stein: The Dweeb who refuses to fade away.  Most recently made headlines when the NY Times fired him for his pitchman duties for  Still appearing on their commercials.

-Ted Nugent: I thought he was pretty cool back in 1978.  I also thought FedEx was a really stupid concept and they'd never last.  Nuff Sed.
Ted inspires a tragic mix of metaphors goading fans to violently overthrow themselves?

-Chuck Norris:  Biggest Badass in the World Meme aside...c'mon!  Chuck was always a douche and his movies sucked.  Three words:  Walker, Texas Ranger.

This is the list of Obama detractors the Right can come up with?  Really?
When the Left needs a celebrity to say something polarizing and get the Right all foamy, we trot out The Dixie Chicks...Sean Penn...Alec Baldwin!  These are people who inspire movie boycotts and mass burnings of CD's.  In the old days, the Right had people like Charlton Heston and Anita Bryant...people who could inspire some true loathing.  Does anybody really expect me to bother getting vexed over anything Victoria Jackson says?

Somehow, it just doesn't seem fair.  No wonder they all think Sarah Palin's a rockstar. 

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Eric said...

Yep. It's no wonder they're bitter. I mean, imagine how hard it has to be to pretend you actually care what Jon Voight has to say about anything. I mean, hell, nothing against Jon Voight as an actor, but I don't even think I'm interested in what he has to say about acting or movies.

I guess I could work some interest in whatever Stephen Baldwin has to say about The Usual Suspects; that movie is still an all-time fave and Baldwin's character has some pretty good lines in it. But beyond that?